Monday, March 12, 2012

Well, it looks like I am out of the running. I used up my 3 allowed misses for posting on the Two Writing Teachers site, and missed Saturday. So I gave up posting on their site, but I will continue to blog because it is fun. :) I work at Milford Elementary and the first block was able to take a look at my blog. They wrote responses to my blog and I was given many wonderful comments and questions. I like how they all thought Kobe flapping his arms like a bird was funny and how they want to know more about it. I will try to upload a video if I can find one. Some of you wanted to know more out about Kobe and Natalie. Many of you said you can relate to their sibling rivalry. So sad, but at least I know it is somewhat normal for them to act like they do. For those of you who wanted to know more, I forgot another funny story about Kobe. He was two and his dad was holding him on the couch. I was cooking dinner, and I called into the living room to ask Jamie, Kobe's Dad, a question and he didn't answer me. I walked into the living room and Jamie was knocked out with Kobe in his lap, lightly slapping his face saying dad! He head butted him and gave him a mild concussion! The ambulance had to be called! Kobe use to do a lot of things Natalie did. They are only 21 months apart. Natalie is the one who "taught" Kobe how to dribble a ball. He just watched her and he did it. When Kobe was 8 months old he climbed a ladder to a loft and shimmied himself half way down the edge of the wall before I found him. He was only out of my sight for literally two minutes! He was 8' up and was just hanging there holding on the a 1\2" edge. I KNOW there was something there holding him. He could have died if he fell. Lou Flew was about a bunny who chewed gum. Thank you for all of the interesting questions! :)

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