Monday, March 5, 2012

Time flies...

You would think I could get use to it, but no, I can't. My daughter started driving last week. Besides feeling nervous, at this point only when she is driving around curves, I keep thinking back to when she was little. I wonder how time went so fast. Just yesterday I was a freshman in high school taking drivers ed, right? You don't realization how much you need to cherish them when they're little, because it will be gone so soon. Such a bitter sweet moment. Enjoy your little ones while you can! :-)
I took a pic of Natalie while she was busy with her English homework.


  1. I'm trying to savor every bit of my little Isabelle's babyhood since I know she'll be like Natalie, doing English homework on the couch, before I know it. And driving... OMG. I can't even handle that thought yet. But, I want her to spread her wings and fly. I'm not here to hold her back. I just want to be sure I hang on to each day right now.

  2. They grow up so's these milestones that are bittersweet. Thanks for the reminder.