Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like mother, like son.

When I was young, and even not so young, I was afraid of the dark. I would have been caught crawling into bed with my parents into middle school, and I slept with a night light well into high school. Even now I don't like to be at home alone at night. :) Tonight my almost 13 year old son told me he doesn't like sleeping alone because he, "sees ghosts or shadows and it scares him." Bless his heart. :( His big mean 15 year old sister won't let him sleep in her room, even though she has two double beds. So, guess where he ends up? Yep, with mom and pseudo step dad. It's okay though. Soon it will end and I may feel an emptiness in our king size bed.
-To all you soft hearted mothers and kids with sympathetic parents. Your not alone. :-) 

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